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Offer Profex Polska / Z - Profiles

  • Z profiles with a radius from 17,0mm to 60,0mm; thickness 2,8mm.


The drainage of the thresholds and when the components fitted to the ground.


Product catalogue
Parameter Z - Profiles


Art. No Description A B C D 1 PU Colour
Z 201725 Z - Profile 20mm×17mm×25mm×2,8mm 20,0mm 17,0mm 25,0mm 2,8mm 60m white
Z 202035 Z - Profile 20mm×20mm×35mm×2,8mm 20,0mm 20,0mm 35,0mm 2,8mm 60m white
Z 203035 Z - Profile 20mm×30mm×35mm×2,8mm 20,0mm 30,0mm 35,0mm 2,8mm 60m white
Z 204030 Z - Profile 20mm×40mm×30mm×2,8mm 20,0mm 40,0mm 30,0mm 2,8mm 60m white
Z 205030 Z - Profile 20mm×50mm×30mm×2,8mm 20,0mm 50,0mm 30,0mm 2,8mm 60m white
Z 206015 Z - Profile 20mm×60mm×15mm×2,8mm 20,0mm 60,0mm 15,0mm 2,8mm 60m white
Technical profiles