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Angle bars for the WDVS
Thermal insulation composite system

If the defined isothermal for the seat of a plane window requires that reaches far into the insulation to the outside, extensive special solutions are needed. The use of wood, steel angles, insulation - and sealants sometimes remains an attempt, which also consumes a lot of assembly time.

Faster, safer and more cost-efficient, it comes with the element-mounting bracket made of high-strength plastic, which can be cut and individually - also for heavy elements - is easy to assemble. With it you almost extended the window reveal to the outside in the insulation layer.

The angle is 12 mm thick and has thick walls, stabilizing fins, cavities and grooves for receiving piping, sealing tapes, foams. Avoid pre-drilled hole rows of small edge distances the dowels. With outer sealing fleece one creates security for the last critical points and corners. At particularly high loads, the angle can also double, are mounted one above the other.

So it creates security for the fulfillment of the EnEV in the assembly in the EIFS.

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