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Extrusion Tools for polymeric plastics

Does such scenario sound familiar?: Your company or its client is seeking not a specific tool but an existing solution that matches an individual idea in form and function.

Our department of tools’ construction quickly and profesionally will provide you with tools required for any specific profiles, even those with complex diameter. Profex stands for quality, promptness, reliability and accessibilty. To meet your requirements we construct our tools using contemporary technical.

Extrusion Tools or moulds and profiles

You have an idea for a new profile, possibly to create to a new product? Or perhaps you are a producer of profiles in need of a tool for your client and need it delivered on time, in compliance with paramenters given to start production?


Consulting – competence through experience


Alongside with our Clients we provide complex advisory developing particular parameters of profiles and tools. It concerns such important details as e.g. choice of material for tool production, obtaining required surface, thickness, colour, solidity and heat resistance, as well as coextrusion, laminating, tolerance and many other important details. We will provide you with binding offer including tools’ construction, as well as production of your profile.

CAD design – flow simulation


Our offer will match your needs. Our technicians plan and design in accordance to your specific requirements and parameters given. To make a profile as you expect, we make a number of calculations regarding a complex tool. Thanks to CAD design, we are able to simulate water and air flow through the tool.

3D printing & SLS laser fritting


In need of any extra double-check, try-out or assesment, a 3D real model will convince ever the most sceptical client.

CNC – for highest precision


When everything is set, our specialists wrap-up the construction part and assemble the complete tool. It is performed with contemporary CNC devices and erosion hardware. Walls and surface of the flow can be finally polished with so-called „Druckfließläpp” process. Polished surfaces are stripless and defect free.

More about the "Druckfließläpp" process



Our profile is ready to arrive on the production belt in required dimensions. Drawing speed is a crucial part of extrusion – too high or too slow will change the form of the profile. During trials we optimize the speed and settings of the extruding hardware.

Proven quality


Together we check if produced profiles match required tolerance. If everything is as expected, the process of production can be initiated. In theory a profile could have any anticipated length, but usually we cut it in 6m sections and wrap or laminate it.

Your new profile – Service and more


After producing your profile, we are able to provide wrapping and comissioning it in compliance with your client’s requirements, particularly by creating at-hand store for future purchases. At your request we provide maintenance and preservation of the tools we produce and store for you.

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