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With wide range of our products and internationally oriented sales program, throughout the years Profex has become one of the leading manufacturers of plastic profiles. We extrude profiles from hard and soft PVC as well as from other plastics.

As qualified, family-owned company, we responds to our customers’ expectations quickly and flexibly, providing the highest quality of delivery. Long-term development of the department of construction of caps and tools for the profiles extrusion enabled Profex to facilitate individual customer needs, like special profiles with complex cross-sections, as well as unique tools for their extrusion.

At a request of our customers we provide individual in-hand warehouse, a special way of packing profiles, labelling, as well as order picking. At a long-term cooperation, our shippers provide on-time delivery to your warehouse.

We invite you to co-operate with our new department "around the house and garden" which offers self-assembly fencing systems.

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Window frames, Technique of sealing, Refrigeration, Automotive, Containers and holiday caravans construction, Motorboats construction, Solar energetics, Transport&Logistics, Laboratory and medical technology, Furniture industry, Construction of facades, Door and garage gates construction, Cleaning systems, Skirting boards, Sanitary industry.
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