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Processing of plastics from 1986



Profex Kunsstoffe GmbH was established in 1986 by Wolfgang Aehlig'a who holds the position of its chairman until today. Main business premises are located in Uetze, in the metropolitan region of Hanover, Germany.

Central location of the parent company in Germany and Europe, near strategic motorways asures fast supplying to our customers both from the magazine in Gdańsk, Poland, as well as from Uetze in Germany.

The founder of the company is being actively supported by the entire family - his four sons supervise different departments, ensuring continuation and the prospect of Profex’s development.

Future through investment

Growing requirements of our customers contributed to fast business progress, which in years 2008 and 2009 resulted in extension of the production area with aditional 6.000m², as well as increasing number of the production lines to 20, which diversed our offer by allowing to mould profiles from many different types od plastics. As a result Profex also grew in number of employees to over 70, and in times of production growth we are supplementing our staff with casual labour.

Our markets

The majority of our assortment arose from our customers’ requirements. Their ideas gave impulse to our construction department to create new forms of tools, moulds and heads for PVC profiles extrusion. Nowadays the market of windows in Europe has dominated our professional activity. In the end of the 90’s a new department "around the House and the Garden" had been formed. Currently it offers fences produced and adapted to individual dimensions, wind-shields and partition walls.

The production base for this assortment are PVC profiles. In the new century Profex has initiated production of technical profiles for the industry and - amongst many more - began the cooperation with Automotive industry.

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